The Great Wall of China and the Symbol of Defensive Architecture

The Great Wall of China and the Symbol of Defensive Architecture

The Great Wall of China is the longest wall on Earth and one of the wonders of the world. It is also one of the oldest architectural structures in the world as the first construction was carried out in the 220-206 BC by the first emperor of China. However, the early constructions eroded over the course of time and the building and restoration work of the wall was carried out by the successive dynasties. The Ming Dynasty carried out the most significant work in the construction of the Great Wall of China during their era of 1388-1644. The length of the wall is 21,196 KM and over the course of time, it has been used for various purposes.

The most significant purpose of the wall was for the defense of the region, which is why it is a pinnacle of defensive architecture in human history. We visited the Great Wall of China in the month of March last year since the weather during this time is pleasant. We were in China for over a month now visiting various places and exploring the industrial revolution of modern-day China. We had also planned to visit the great wall, as it is one of the most visited places in the world. When we reached here, the sun was about to set and there was serenity in the year. We were a group of young enthusiast so we decided to hike along the great wall.

Hiking on the Great Wall of China

Hiking on the great wall is among the most cherished adventures in the world. The wall is lit at night, which reflects a scenic display for the visitors. Most parts of the wall are well paved while some portion is rough and not suitable for walking at night. We walked for a few hours on the paved portion of the wall and captured the moments in our cameras. The night was unfolding in front of us, which prompted us to have lunch in a food resort close to the wall. There are a few restaurants here, which provide great food.

Camping on the Wall at Night

One of the highly adventurous experience is camping at the Great Wall of China. It is once in a lifetime experience and we wanted to avail of this opportunity. Since the night was upon us, we camped at a suitable venue. It gave us the feeling of a night watchman keeping guards at the wall centuries ago. We relived the lives of those who had stood where we were standing, in order to protect their cities from the foreign invaders. We enjoyed the barbecue and gazed upon the sky above us. We spent a few hours merrymaking after which some of us went to sleep while a few kept the night watch. Camping at the great wall proved to be one of the best memories of our trip to China.

The next day, we went to visit other portions of the wall and took a bus tour across its other portions. You can know more about a journey to the islet of Sveti Stefan in the heart of Montenegro here.