A Journey to the magnificent Grand Canyon and the Colorado River

Grand Canyon


A travel story by Always Preferred Restoration, a Missoula carpet cleaner with a love of traveling when work is slow:

We were on the quest to visit the Grand Canyon around the world. Our Adventure Club was in the United States for the last few months as we were traveling to different states of the country and exploring the nature and lifestyle of these places. When we reached the state of Arizona, we had already visited around 23 states of the country. Mostly, we had visited the modern states with fast-paced life but this time we wanted to visit somewhere close to nature and history. It is a major tourist attraction all over the world and especially in the state of Arizona. The Colorado River snakes its way through the Grand Canyon over 227 miles. With a width of 18 miles and more than a mile depth, it is one of the biggest Canyons in the world.

When we reached here, we wanted to experience all the excitement offered by the place. It has the world’s most popular hiking trails, which also provide an opportunity for high-quality adventure.

Grand Canyon Village

We first went to the Grand Canyon Village. The Grand Canyon spans over a large distance and it is a part of the Grand Canyon National Park close to the Village. It is a popular entryway to the park and most tourists first visit the village before going to the Canyon. We spend a few hours wandering around the village before moving to the North Rim.

Hiking on the Trails of the Canyon

North Rim Trail

It is a great place for hiking and consists of rugged and isolated trails. We spent almost the rest of the day hiking on this trail though it is one of the difficult hikes. We went to our hotel after completing the hike and planned to hike on the Bright Angel Trail on next day.

Bright Angel Trail

It is one of the most adventurous trails and we hiked on it for a full day on mules, which were available. The scenes, which are visible during the hike, are stunning and fill the hearts of the tourists with joy.

Rim Trail and North Kaibab Trail

Next day, we went to the South Rim Trail and spent a few hours hiking on this challenging trail. On completion of the hike, we rested to gain our breath in the village for a couple of hours while some of us who had not taken part in the earlier North Rim Trail went hiking on the North Kaibab Trail Hike.

Havasu Falls and Rafting through the Colorado River

After completing the hike on various trails of Grand Canyon, we went to the Havasu Falls. It is an oasis in the desert in the vicinity of the Canyon and considered to be among the most beautiful places here. We also went rafting through the Colorado River in order to enjoy the most exciting experience on our trip. Rafting through the village provided us with an opportunity to get close to the river and view the places from a different angle.

There are scores of other places to visit here but we were quickly running out of time. We decided to spend a few hours at all the remaining places on our checklist before we leave the state. We went to the Skywalk Bridge, the national monument and the Lees Ferry, which are among the most beautiful places here.


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