A Journey to the Islet of Sveti Stefan in the Heart of Montenegro

A Journey to the Islet of Sveti Stefan in the Heart of Montenegro

Sveti Stefan is a beautiful Islet or a small Island located in Montenegro. It is famous in the world for its natural beauty, beaches, hotel resorts, and weather. The most popular hotel here is the Aman Sveti Stefan, which provides among the top services in the world. The small island is a major tourist attraction and people from all over the world come here to enjoy vacations. The island is also close to Budva, which is a town in the country at the Adriatic Sea. Hence, there is an opportunity to visit the island while at the same time enjoy the beaches of Adriatic. We were backpacking through Europe and had visited most of the European states. Now, we were ready to visit the neighboring states, which have not yet become a part of the Union. Montenegro is a small country, which has not yet been included in the European Union. We came to the country in the month of August and booked a hotel in the town of Budva. We wanted to refresh and spend some time at the Adriatic Sea before going to the Sveti Stefan.

Traveling to Sveti Stefan and Relaxing on Queen’s Beach

We spent one night in Bodva before coming to the Island area, which is located 6 kilometers from the town. We had made a reservation in the Aman restaurant in order to experience the comfort of this place. The views from the hotel resort are mind blowing and soothing at the same time. We spent the night and next day we went to the Queen’s Beach. It is a peaceful beach at the islet. We spent hours chatting and basking under the sun. We also took some memorable pictures at this place. Next, we went to the Sveti Stefan Beach, which is the main beach here close to the hotel resort. We wanted to visit it after Queen’s Beach in order to barbeque here at night.
This experience proved to be among the best from our traveling in the country.

Visiting the Sveti Nikola Island and Praskvica Monastery

Next day, we visited the Sveti Nikola Island close to the Budva municipality. It is a beautiful island commonly referred to as “Hawaii” owing to its resemblance to the American state. There are peaceful beaches here where we spent hours basking under the sun. We also visited the Praskvica Monastery belonging to the Serbian Orthodox, located in a close by village. The time spent in this small country proved to be one of the highlights of the Europe tour.