The Great Wall of China and the Symbol of Defensive Architecture

The Great Wall of China and the Symbol of Defensive Architecture

The Great Wall of China and the Symbol of Defensive Architecture

The Great Wall of China is the longest wall on Earth and one of the wonders of the world. It is also one of the oldest architectural structures in the world as the first construction was carried out in the 220-206 BC by the first emperor of China. However, the early constructions eroded over the course of time and the building and restoration work of the wall was carried out by the successive dynasties. The Ming Dynasty carried out the most significant work in the construction of the Great Wall of China during their era of 1388-1644. The length of the wall is 21,196 KM and over the course of time, it has been used for various purposes.

The most significant purpose of the wall was for the defense of the region, which is why it is a pinnacle of defensive architecture in human history. We visited the Great Wall of China in the month of March last year since the weather during this time is pleasant. We were in China for over a month now visiting various places and exploring the industrial revolution of modern-day China. We had also planned to visit the great wall, as it is one of the most visited places in the world. When we reached here, the sun was about to set and there was serenity in the year. We were a group of young enthusiast so we decided to hike along the great wall.

Hiking on the Great Wall of China

Hiking on the great wall is among the most cherished adventures in the world. The wall is lit at night, which reflects a scenic display for the visitors. Most parts of the wall are well paved while some portion is rough and not suitable for walking at night. We walked for a few hours on the paved portion of the wall and captured the moments in our cameras. The night was unfolding in front of us, which prompted us to have lunch in a food resort close to the wall. There are a few restaurants here, which provide great food.

Camping on the Wall at Night

One of the highly adventurous experience is camping at the Great Wall of China. It is once in a lifetime experience and we wanted to avail of this opportunity. Since the night was upon us, we camped at a suitable venue. It gave us the feeling of a night watchman keeping guards at the wall centuries ago. We relived the lives of those who had stood where we were standing, in order to protect their cities from the foreign invaders. We enjoyed the barbecue and gazed upon the sky above us. We spent a few hours merrymaking after which some of us went to sleep while a few kept the night watch. Camping at the great wall proved to be one of the best memories of our trip to China.

The next day, we went to visit other portions of the wall and took a bus tour across its other portions. You can know more about a journey to the islet of Sveti Stefan in the heart of Montenegro here.

A Journey to the Islet of Sveti Stefan in the Heart of Montenegro

A Journey to the Islet of Sveti Stefan in the Heart of Montenegro

A Journey to the Islet of Sveti Stefan in the Heart of Montenegro

Sveti Stefan is a beautiful Islet or a small Island located in Montenegro. It is famous in the world for its natural beauty, beaches, hotel resorts, and weather. The most popular hotel here is the Aman Sveti Stefan, which provides among the top services in the world. The small island is a major tourist attraction and people from all over the world come here to enjoy vacations. The island is also close to Budva, which is a town in the country at the Adriatic Sea. Hence, there is an opportunity to visit the island while at the same time enjoy the beaches of Adriatic. We were backpacking through Europe and had visited most of the European states. Now, we were ready to visit the neighboring states, which have not yet become a part of the Union. Montenegro is a small country, which has not yet been included in the European Union. We came to the country in the month of August and booked a hotel in the town of Budva. We wanted to refresh and spend some time at the Adriatic Sea before going to the Sveti Stefan.

Traveling to Sveti Stefan and Relaxing on Queen’s Beach

We spent one night in Bodva before coming to the Island area, which is located 6 kilometers from the town. We had made a reservation in the Aman restaurant in order to experience the comfort of this place. The views from the hotel resort are mind blowing and soothing at the same time. We spent the night and next day we went to the Queen’s Beach. It is a peaceful beach at the islet. We spent hours chatting and basking under the sun. We also took some memorable pictures at this place. Next, we went to the Sveti Stefan Beach, which is the main beach here close to the hotel resort. We wanted to visit it after Queen’s Beach in order to barbeque here at night.
This experience proved to be among the best from our traveling in the country.

Visiting the Sveti Nikola Island and Praskvica Monastery

Next day, we visited the Sveti Nikola Island close to the Budva municipality. It is a beautiful island commonly referred to as “Hawaii” owing to its resemblance to the American state. There are peaceful beaches here where we spent hours basking under the sun. We also visited the Praskvica Monastery belonging to the Serbian Orthodox, located in a close by village. The time spent in this small country proved to be one of the highlights of the Europe tour.

The Remarkable Great Smoky Mountains

The Remarkable Great Smoky Mountains

remarkable sunset at the Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains, or commonly known called Smokies, is a mountain range located in the states of Tennessee and North Carolina. The mountain range is a part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is widely considered as the most visited park in the United States. Millions of people visit this park established in 1934.

Journey to The Colosseum in Heart of Rome

Journey to The Colosseum in Heart of Rome

The Colosseum in Heart of Rome

Colosseum in Rome is one of the magnificent buildings from the ancient Roman era. It is a huge structure of stone whose construction was started by Emperor Vespasian in the year 70-72 AD while his son Titus eventually completed the work and opened it in the year 80 AD. Also, it is a significant remnant of the Flavian Dynasty, which remained in use for more than 390 years. The Colosseum is an Amphitheatre in Oval shape, which was mostly used for conducting gladiator battles, executions, dramatic enactments of wars and animal fights. Thousands of spectators could converge on the sides of the Colosseum while the main event was held in the center.…

Chiang Mai, Thailand Travel Guide

Chiang Mai, Thailand Travel Guide

Chiang Mai, Thailand

There’s a reason so many travelers beeline for Chiang Mai when they visit Thailand—the city is undoubtedly the cultural capital of the country. Then there are the markets, rich aesthetics of both temples and nature, and the ever-present smells of espresso and curry. As for the street food, let’s just say you haven’t really lived until you order a bowl of khao soy.

Here are the top things to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A Journey to the magnificent Grand Canyon and the Colorado River

A Journey to the magnificent Grand Canyon and the Colorado River

Grand Canyon


A travel story by Always Preferred Restoration, a Missoula carpet cleaner with a love of traveling when work is slow:

We were on the quest to visit the Grand Canyon around the world. Our Adventure Club was in the United States for the last few months as we were traveling to different states of the country and exploring the nature and lifestyle of these places. When we reached the state of Arizona, we had already visited around 23 states of the country. Mostly, we had visited the modern states with fast-paced life but this time we wanted to visit somewhere close to nature and history. It is a major tourist attraction all over the world and especially in the state of Arizona. The Colorado River snakes its way through the Grand Canyon over 227 miles. With a width of 18 miles and more than a mile depth, it is one of the biggest Canyons in the world.

Krakow, Poland: 4 Things To Do

Krakow, Poland: 4 Things To Do

Krakow, Poland city

All the travel guides of Poland will tell you that you have to visit Warsaw but actually they should say that you have to visit Warsaw and Krakow. Krakow is one of the coolest places to visit especially if you want to enjoy your time without paying too much. It has an increasing rate of popularity. However, it is still among the cheapest places to visit in the whole Europe, including England. If you love fairy-tale architecture, insane desserts, stunning countryside and a rich history, Krakow must be your destination.

Here is our list of the best things to do in Krakow, Poland.

1. Visit the Amazing Kazimierz Neighborhood:

The whole neighborhood has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site; that is why it is an amazing site. If you are going to Krakow for just one day, it is better to go visit this place first. It is a historic Jewish district that offers you creative center full of colorful street art, great coffee, cool art galleries, pretty bars, interesting museums and more.

This place had a tragic role during the Second World War. The rich Jewish culture has suffered a lot and for hundreds of years but it is still alive and one of the best places to represent the Jewish culture.

The neighborhood holds a huge annual Jewish Culture Festival. You will be lucky to attend it. Also, visit Galicia Jewish Museum.
If you didn’t watch Schindler’s List movie, please watch it before going there. Steven Spielberg used the neighborhood in this masterpiece.

2. The Colorful St Francis’ Basilica:

St Francis’ Basilica is a gorgeous Art Nouveau church that is guaranteed to brighten up your pictures. It was built in the 13th century and it was the only brick building in Krakow Poland when it was erected.
The Polish artist Stanislaw Wyspiański created the famous stained glass windows. It is a spiritual experience that you will definitely enjoy whatever your religious beliefs are.

3. St Benedict’s Fort:

It was built in the 19th century. This astonishing redbrick monolith was named after the nearby St. Benedict’s Church. In the ’50s, an attempt to turn it into luxury apartments failed. The fortress now is abandoned and it is one of the best places to visit in the city if you want to see the abandoned history alive.

4. Krakow’s Colorful Street Art:

Krakow Poland is increasingly becoming a favorite place for both local and international talent to spray their colorful drawings.
Just go to the graffiti-covered Józefa Street or Plac Bawół, if you don’t have a certain plan.

Making sure that you choose the right airline when traveling to England

Making sure that you choose the right airline when traveling to England

When you are choosing a flight for your trip to England, you need to find the right airline. You might think that this is really an easy choice to make and that you are going to choose the right one, no matter which you are choosing. However, this isn’t so simple. There are flights that are more reliable than others. This is why it is important to make sure that you are choosing the right airline for your flight to England. These are a couple of things that you should look for before you choose your airline.

Value over price

We tend to choose the thing that is always the cheapest. Because why should you buy something more expensive if you can get it for cheaper?

However, when it comes to an airline, this is the last thing that you should look at. You should look at value over price. Make sure that you are going to get value for money, and that you are going to be comfortable during your long flight to England.

What are other previous clients tell about the airline?

You don’t want to use an airline that has lots of complaints online. You want to use an airline that is reliable and that clients are talking about.

The best way that you can do this, is to make sure that you are doing as much research as possible about the airline before you book your ticket. Remember, customer reviews can just save your life.

Is there another airline that is more recommended?

While you are searching for reviews, is there another airline that is more recommended than the airline that you are considering using? This is something that you should look at. Because it can be dangerous to fly in an airplane from an untrustworthy airline, you should make sure that you are using the airline that is the most recommended.

With the research, you will see if this is something that you can do. Switching airlines. Even, if this means that you should pay a bit more for reassurance.

Were there any aircraft accidents in the past couple of years from the airline

We all know that aircraft accidents don’t happen all the time. But, you don’t want to use an airline that has a reputation for falling airplanes. This is why you should research and make sure that you are knowing for sure if the airline has a previous aircraft accident in the past couple of years.

To be able to have a great flying experience in England, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right airline. There are different airlines that are asking different prices. But, you should not look at the price when deciding on an airline. You should look at safety, reliability, and comfort. Especially, if you are going to have a long flight.